Witnessing A Metal Disk

Witnessing A Metal Disk

Date: June 24, 1974

Location: Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany

A bus of 34 tourists, of whom were mainly from both Austria & Italy report witnessing a metal disk land and take off nearby a ruin 9 miles south of Schweinfurt.

An Austrian tourist said:

It faintly rocked as it came down and made a short but powerful rumbling sound as it touched down. It landed on 5 thin metal columns which came out of small holes in the base of the disk. It was as large, if not larger than the coach.

After being on the ground for a minute of less, it casually took off vertically and retracted its gears before shooting into the sky.

The coach driver, 42, said:

I was shocked by what I saw. It came down, parked on the ground and then went up again.

No unusual materials were found at the reported location, however German police stated that although they believed what the tourists saw was likely to be a scientific balloon of some kind, there were 5 shallow penetration marks in the field which could have been caused by a helicopter and there were signs of dust on the ground being unsettled.

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