I Have A Year Of Missing Time

I Have A Year Of Missing Time

Date: May 15, 1960

Location: Schenectady, NY

I am crying & tears are dropping heavily.

I don't know if I can do this, I am very, very worried what will happen if anyone ever believes me.

I have stayed hidden under the radar in plain sight.

Meaning I am labeled a crazy, so no one takes me seriously.

Facts, though, speak volumes.

I have a year of missing time from May 1960 until April 1961.

I have no second grade, no memory, except I went to sleep when I was just 7 and I'm already 8.

I missed my birthday too.

When it happened I was the only person awake.

I had woke up in the morning with a bloody nose.

I ran to the bathroom to get cold water to restrict the blood flow and that's when I noticed I was the only person awake.

It was a school day.

When I left the bathroom I realized it was night in the front of the house.

That's why everyone's asleep, in the backyard it was daytime.

As I stood in the kitchen I could see the darkness and the daytime by turning my head.

Instantly it was like a bomb going off.

The kitchen door flew open and I ran to wake up everybody.

Strange, I'm yelling at the top of my lungs,and no one is coming to save me.

Here come the tears, and the pressure on my heart.

They caught me right quick, and calmed me with their thoughts.

They carried me out of the house, 4 on each side.

The real nightmare didn't begin until I got back home a year later.

There is so much more in my unconscious, I am too afraid to face them alone,again.

This just hurts, I can't stop the tears.

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