Round Object Descended Slowly

Round Object Descended Slowly

Date: August 15, 1960

Location: Saugus, MA

At 10 years of age we looked at each other and said that was no weather balloon.

The round object descended slowly about 1 mile away, appeared to be the size of a nickle held at arms reach.

It stopped about twice the height of tree level, we first thought it was a weather balloon.

But after staying still for 10 or so seconds, it split in 2 halves, up and down.

We could now see that it was coin shaped, flat front & back with a slim thickness.

Each side went North & South, straight sideways, stopped 3 or 4 diameters out.

Went 90° straight down to Earth and out of sight.

10 or so seconds later, each side came up in unison, exact path as before.

Stopped at 90°, moved straight together, now one unit.

Stayed in place several seconds, headed to the West at very rapid rate of speed.

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