Sasha's Experience

Sasha's Experience

Date: December - 1993

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Sasha has had a number of encounters but the earliest one sticks in her mind.

It was December 1993 and Sasha was just 6 years old.

She, her little sister and mother were on their way from Adelaide to Whyalla to see her grandparents.

They set out at night, in order to beat the traffic and the stinging summer Sun.

Sasha and her sister looked out the back window and saw a very bright star that kept getting bigger.

It was like a 50 cent coin that became a golf ball, then soccer ball, Sasha mentioned.

Over the next few minutes the ball shot forward in front of the car, hovered above the road and kept pace with Sasha and her family.

3 smaller lights came out of it, danced around the biggest ball and then lined up behind it.

At that point I just tucked my head behind the seat, crying, she says.

It was too much for the now 33 year old South Australian, she was so anxious she passed out and doesn't remember much else.

Occasionally she her mum & sister talk about it, but not so much to other people.

But she is not alone, and neither are we.

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