Large 200+' Disk Shaped Object Observed

Large 200+' Disk Shaped Object Observed

Date: March 1, 1955

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Early in 1955, my father and I witnessed a large, disk-shaped UFO on a southerly course near twilight.

We were walking to what I think was a spring festival at what was then Lewis school located near the intersection of then Chanate Rd. and Lewis Rd., now Lomitas Ave. and Lewis Rd. in Santa Rosa, California.

The craft was large, probably greater than 200' in diameter, and travelling at 900' altitude.

It was light colored and had no visible projections, ports, or drive structures on it.

It was absolutely quiet, passing over our shoulders and headed for San Francisco at a slow rate of speed.

The craft had no visible form of propulsion but seemed very steady on it's course.

We observed the craft for probably 10 minutes until it passed out of sight on its southerly course over the city.

I was 10 years old and my father was 55 years old.

This sighting may have occurred on a Friday evening as I recall a reasonably large newspaper article devoted to the sightings of this object in the Press Democrat on what most likely was a Sunday Paper. The sightings noted in the article were from people located along a flight path that would take it over Novato, Calif., and on to San Francisco.

As a 10 year old, I was especially interested in science.

I subsequently worked briefly at NASA, FRC -Edwards AFB during college and became an engineer in various Mechanical and Electronic fields.

My Father was a Minnesota farm boy who spent a large part of his life in southern California.

While largely self educated, he was a stable and alert individual, not taken to flights of fantasy.

On a return to Santa Rosa during college, I engaged with the Principal of Lewis school asking for verification of the date/time of the festival but the records had been moved by then and were not available.

Subsequently, on 3 occasions, I reviewed the microfilm of the Press Democrat papers for the year 1955 but was unable to find the article, Front page, bottom, center.

There were a number of missing papers from the microfilm record so I am unable to verify the account.

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