Sighting in Santa Rosa

Sighting in Santa Rosa

Date: January 28, 2017

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

A couple has claimed that they saw police cars racing to the area of UFO sighting.

The woman reported to Mutual UFO Network that they could not understand what took place as they drove home.

The anonymous reporting witness said that she was with her boyfriend in the car when she noticed a bright light in the sky.

She thought it was a planet, but her boyfriend did not believe so as the UFO started getting closer and closer.

Before they knew it, the mysterious aerial thing was flying directly over their car. The UFO came so close to them that they could see details underneath the craft. They saw red and green blinking lights in the belly of the wingless, rectangular and long craft.

The duo could not comprehend what they witnessed while driving about a mile to their home. When they arrive in their home, they saw some police cars towards the direction of the suspected UFO sighting.

They could still see the UFO from their house. They noticed the UFO went back higher in the sky, hovered in the same spot for around 10 minutes, and went back in the direction it first appeared.

The couple captured a video of the UFO while it hovered high up in the sky. It was reportedly getting higher in the sky slowly and further away until it disappeared to the couple’s sight. Interestingly, soon after the disappearance of the strange object in the sky, the couple saw a plane at a tremendous speed that appeared to follow the UFO. They heard a loud sound from the aircraft as if it was going incredibly fast.

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