I Was 13 Years Old

I Was 13 Years Old

Date: June 1, 1952

Location: Santa Clara, CA

We were listening to Cottonseed Clark, KGFJ - counter radio station.

When the announcer said folks there's a flying saucer outside go out and look up right now.

The FCC has threatened to turn me off if I don't shut up, but I'm gonna keep broadcasting as long as I can, go out and look up.

I've lived in a trailer court on Blacow Rd.

Momma and myself went out to look up and several people from the park was out looking up also.

This saucer was right above my head, my neck was back as far as it could go looking up over my head.

It was a large silver disk, no sound.

It hovered a few seconds then started rising slowly straight up then continued on an angle.

Moffit Field Navel Air Base deployed fighter jets to follow but as they got closer to the craft the jets broke the sound barrier and the craft shot out of sight.

Everyone that listened to the radio station went out and saw the craft.

My dad was stationed at Moffit Field at the time, and when he got home momma asked him about the UFO, and he said we didn't know what we were talking about and to shut up and not ever talk about it again.

I know what was above my head...I know what I saw.

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