Someone Noticed It

Someone Noticed It

Date: June 03, 1960

Location: Santa Ana, CA

I was 11 and I was standing with my family and a few neighbors in the driveway of my home.

We were standing around waiting to get in the car and someone noticed it.

My family and neighbor all moved to the end of our driveway to get a better look, as it moved North.

We just watched its rotation was marked by the 3 tiered exterior lights.

Making sharp turns slowly, it hovered over what is now the intersection of Main street and the I-5 freeway.

Comments made were what is it?.

My mother turned to my dad and said Mike, it's not a plane or a helicopter.

My dad replied that no,it's not a blimp either.

We could see it.

The strange part is that I cannot remember even mentioning this to anyone until I was on a vacation with my sister and a girlfriend, in 1991 and we went up to Devils Tower.

We stopped 5 miles short of the turn off, got out of the car, and started talking about the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I turned to my friend and said we, my sister and I, saw a UFO once.

At that moment, my sister and I talked about it for the first time.

We just looked at each other and started telling the brief story, taking turns,and agreeing with the others recollection.

She remembered it as I did, our friend was dumbstruck.

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