Carpenter Films UFO

Carpenter Films UFO

Date: November 20, 2007

Location: Acosta, Near Tarbaca, San Jose, Costa Rica

A 35 year old carpenter named Marvin Badilla was able to record a UFO on a Motorola Razr mobile phone.

Marvin was working on a construction site with a co-worker named William Rivera, in the Acosta region, near the town of Tarbaca in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

Marvin noticed an object about the size of a tractor tire that was floating at about 150' away.

He described the object as very bright, and having a texture similar to polished aluminum.

Marvin pointed his mobile phone at the UFO, as it rose and fell gently in front of him.

In the video you can hear Marvin calling out to his friend William, trying to get his attention.

William did not hear Marvin over the sound of the drill he was handling, and he did not see the UFO before it took off.

I believe this was a UFO.

I have no doubt.

It wasn't man made.

Why was it here?

According to Marvin's account, there was no perceivable air displacement.

The UFO had a central axis, a dark strip that rotated.

The UFO began to move strangely, as if hesitating.

Then it made a sudden 90° turn and stood upright, before shooting off instantaneously.

If this footage is legitimate, it's an excellent capture..

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