There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

There Were Electrical Or Magnetic Effects

Date: October 15, 1950

Location: Sandy Hook, NJ

My Grandmother had taken me to Atlantic Highlands over looking Sandy Hook and New York Harbor.

It was cold that day, I was 8 years old at the time.

We had stopped at a little snack bar about half way up the road and she got a cup of coffee, I don't remeber what I had.

We drove to the top and parked on the overlook.

She was still driving her green 1947 Chevy, she left the engine running and the heater on.

We noticed 2 triangle shaped objects comming down the Hudson from the direction of the George Washington Bridge they seemed to be at an altitude lower than us.

They came very close, perhaps ¼ mile or closer.

We were looking down on them they were above the water perhaps 300' to 400'.

As they passed over the Chevy, it stalled and the heater blower also stopped.

The blower started running when they were some distance out to sea.

About 2 minutes later 2 aircraft that I think they were F-80's they had wing tanks.

Shortly thereafter both objects flew past and up the harbor toward the George Washington Bridge at a high rate of speed both F-80s were close behind.

The objects appeared to be playing with the jets.

They slowed down and sped up a couple of times turned sharply and headed out to sea over Coney Island.

My Grandmother died in 1966, I am now 63 years old I know what we saw was real.

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