Fat Cigar Shaped Object II

Fat Cigar Shaped Object II

Date: January 1, 1944

Location: San Diego, CA

A sighting of one silver or white enlongated cylindrical or cigar shaped craft. without any visual control surfaces heading West to East.

This sighting occured in 1944.

I don't recall the exact date nor the time but I do remember it was around mid day.

The exact location of the sighting was on 35th St in San Diego.

A friend of mine and I were standing side by side and talking about something.

I, for no reason looked upward and about 5° or 10° North.

I saw a silver or white obect which was in the shape of an elongated fairly thin cylinder either rounded or pointed at each end.

I do not recall seeing any control surfaces.

It was not an airship.

The sky was sunny but with patches of cumulus clouds.

The object was moving slowly West to East.

There was no sound from the object.

As I recall there was little or no wind at ground level.

The object was seen for approximately 2 to 3 minutes and then disappeared behind a cloud formation.

I alerted my friend about the object and asked if he saw it.

His answer was yes.

I didn't say anthing to anyone else about the sighting.

But I have remembered it for all of these years.

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