Salter Encounter


Date: March 20, 1988

Location: Richland Center, WI

In most cases, a UFO abduction is a harrowing, humiliating experience, one that the participant would love to forget. In some cases, however, the abduction process becomes a rewarding one. Such was the case of John Salter Jr. and his son John III. John Jr. a faculty member of the University of North Dakota, was scheduled for a speaking tour of the southern states. It was in March 1988 when he, accompanied by his son, drove his pickup truck down Route 61 heading for his first engagement. For some unknown reason, John drove his truck off of his scheduled route, and one hour later, the 2 found themselves traveling in the opposite direction. They decided to take a rest for the night, and continue their trip the next morning.

The pair was at a loss to understand what had happened the evening before, though they discussed it at length as they continued down their original mapped out drive. Suddenly the 2 were shocked to see a shining UFO with a silvery energy field. The object had just appeared over the road they were on. John Jr. and his son both had a familiar feeling about what they were seeing, and they began to have flashbacks, which refreshed their minds of the events of the previous day.

They looked at each other, both now aware that the day before they had been stopped dead in their tracks by the object they were now enthralled with. Both men had stepped out of the vehicle as a group of entities came toward their pickup truck. At first John Jr. thought he was seeing a group of children, until he saw a taller being, which seemed half human, half alien. The group of strange beings led the two away in the direction of the object. Both men, though frightened in one way, felt that the beings would not hurt them. John Jr. would later relate that he felt a sense of being protected by the strange entities. He had taken a stumble while they were making their way to the ship, but a type of energy kept him from falling and being hurt.

John Jr. and his son were both led into a room with curved walls, where they were placed in chairs which resembled the fold back type used by dentists. Both men would later recall a feeling of being immobilized while they laid back in the chairs, and were examined. John Jr.s examination began with an implant being inserted into his nostril, remarkably though, without pain. Next an instrument of some kind was injected into the side of his neck, and another one at the top of his chest. He felt the 3 areas chosen by the beings had a medical significance, the placement related to 3 glands; the pituitary, the thyroid, and the thymus. John had enough medical knowledge to know the glands regulated human growth, metabolism, and immunity.

After the completion of the tests, John Jr. felt a strange sense of bonding with the strange beings. He also sensed a message which stated they would meet again. These strange circumstances would take even a more bizarre turn after John and his son had returned home. John Jr. noticed a gradual improvement in his overall health. His fingernails and hair grew faster and thicker, and a scar on his forehead began to fade, and eventually almost disappeared. Another amazing fact, John Jr. related was that though he was a smoker who struggled with the desire to quit, he now was able to quit without even thinking about it. To both of the Salter men, the abduction seemed to have a happy ending. John Jr. was known as a respectable, professional man, and those who knew him were hard pressed to discount his story, as remarkable as it may seem. The case of the Salters was dramatized on the 1988 CBS movie, Visitors From The Unknown.

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