Clump Of Fog

Clump Of Fog

Date: March 28, l995

Location: Southern Alaska

In the early morning hours, a person departed work to drive home, a distance of approximately 15 miles.

The observer was jolted to full alertness when a clump of fog flew across the road in front of the car the observer was driving.

To condense a very long and detailed report, that clump of fog orbited around the car 6 times, stopping just above and ahead of the car's front, right fender after its 6th orbit.

This was only a prelude to subsequent events, during which the observer vaguely recalls perhaps witnessing 2 craft sitting on the ground beside the road the person was driving on.

In strong support of this call from Alaska, the center has received 2 articles from newspapers in Florence, OR & San Francisco, CA, describing sightings on the same night as the alleged sighting in Alaska.

The object sighted in Florence, OR, was reported to hover over that coastal town for 10 minutes.

The objects in California were reported to be meteorites streaking horizontally to the South over the ocean off San Luis Obispo.

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