It Was Hovering About 150' Off The Ground

It Was Hovering About 150' Off The Ground

Date: August 13, 1960

Location: Sacramento Valley, CA

The fact that whatever it was, was following ECHO satellite, the next night after it was seen by 100s of people in the Sacramento Valley

This was a famous sighting in a lot of local papers, When I saw it it was hovering, about a 150' off the ground.

I had just got into my car when I saw it, and started heading South on highway 99.

I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed it was slowly moving South also.

I drove about a mile and stopped my car and started watching it with a pair of 7/50 binoculars.

It had 5 bluish lights radiating in a pentagon pattern.

When I finally got focused on it, it shot off to the southeast and was out of sight in 3 or 4 seconds.

The following night I was in Willows CA. laying on my back waiting for the ECHO satellite to come over heading East.

My mother & I both saw ECHO and was watching for a for a minute or so.

I scanned back, and trailing the ECHO was the same reddish/bluish 5 lights I saw the night before on what I think was a UFO.

My neighbor was a California Highway Patrol officer and he told me that 2 patrolmen had driven out into a field just South of Cottonwood CA. and actually parked under it.

They had to pour coffee into the one that got and looked up for quite awhile before he presented his report.

The incident made all the local papers, but never was reported by any of the larger media sources.

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