Noticed Strange Device

Noticed Strange Device

Date: November 29 1939

Location: Saarijarvi, Kullaa, Finland

The day before the great Winter War began, 14 year old Arvo was in the forest with his father collecting firewood. When it was getting to be twilight they headed home.

Almost at once Arvo noticed on the right side of the path, on a small rocky hill some 6' high, a strange device about 10' in diameter.

He assumed it was a moonshine still and since he had never seen one before he wanted to have a look.

His father however deterred him from approaching the object.

He observed the device from a distance of about 200'. He described the device as being around 12' in diameter, narrowing at the top, which was hidden by the dense firs. The bottom section was round like a kettle and it was about 7' in height, supported by perhaps 3 landing legs made of 3 rods ending in triangular plates, which he would observe later.

From the bottom of the craft emanated a dull flame, like that of an upside down candle, 5' long. From the sides of the lower section of the object shot out 5 or 6 strong flames of different colors angled at 45° down and about 3' in length, emitting a loud noise resembling that of escaping gas.

Standing outside the object was a 5' tall human like creature, which was clad in an astronaut like suit with a round helmet, which had an oval opening. the humanoid was carrying a box, which he was apparently using to direct 2 or 3 robot like creatures, which had box like heads.

At least one of these robots lifted his legs very high when walking, so Arvo could see that the legs were like 2 rods below the knees ending in a plate.

It was not possible to make a very accurate or detailed observation of their activities due to the twilight and covering trees.

The following day the Winter War began, but Arvo went to the landing site, despite his fatherís objections, which also refused to go fetch firewood with him.

At the site where the object was seen there was a triangular mark of a support leg. There was also a strong, unpleasant smell in the area.

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