Glowing Metallic UFO Seen Twice Over Fresno

Glowing Metallic UFO Seen Twice Over Fresno

Date: December 1, 2005

Location: Fresno, CA

A delivery person for the Fresno Bee newspaper saw a glowing, metallic UFO twice during the course of one morning's route.

There was a dark spot on the center bottom of the craft.

The witness could hear the quiet noise of the engine, which sounded like a low airplane engine, but with pauses in the sound pattern.

I was delivering the Fresno Bee, I was almost done with the Second Street at the beginning of my route.

Then I saw this ball of light in the sky behind me.

It looked like a moving street light.

It was orange, it moved about the pace of a slow helicopter.

I had to stop and watch this thing in the sky for about 3 minutes.

Then it went out of sight, about 10 miles in the distance.

The 2nd time I saw it coming from the East of me on a street called Spalding.

This time I could focus more on the object. it was moving about the same pace.

I watched it for about 5 minutes, but I saw more of the object this time.

It just kept going til I couldn't see it anymore.

It was staying about the same altitude.

I Believe.

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