Family Vacation Sighting

Family Vacation Sighting

Date: 1990s

Location: Rural Turkey

This is a family story I've heard only twice.

They lived in Ukraine but took a trip to Turkey sometime in the 1990s.

They had rented a little cottage there that was far enough into the countryside to be considered fairly remote.

Long story short...

One evening the dogs outside started going absolutely crazy, barking viciously and just overall behaving erratically.

One of the family, , my grandma's brother, I believe, went outside to check what was going on, and saw what they can only describe as a UFO nearing their cottage.

Pretty high up in the sky but lowering a bit as it came closer.

He called for the rest of the family to come and see.

To this day they can still confirm what they saw, well, the ones that are still alive, at least.

They said it was triangle shaped and had 3 lights, one in each corner.

When it got seriously close to the house, they really began to panic and ran back inside.

The very walls were shaking, dishes were breaking from the force of the vibrations going throughout the walls and floor.

The dogs outside were barking louder than ever.

I can't remember how it was brought up the first time, but the explanation was very vague.

So I asked again a few months later when the family had come together at the cottage during summer.

They seemed kind of iffy talking about it but provided more details.

It hovered over the cottage for several minutes before ascending back up and disappearing.

These are all people who are very conservative and rational, and they hate discussions regarding the supernatural.

So I have no doubt in my mind that they were telling the truth.

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