Rural Visitor

Rural Visitor

Date: 1980s

Location: Tennessee

As a kid back in the 1980s, I was spending the night at my Aunt & Uncle's house which was out in the sticks in Tennessee.

I was sleeping on the couch and woke up due to a bright light coming through the kitchen window and into the living room.

I was looking towards the light which was white and slightly flickering.

After about 10 minutes I turned my head as it was now keeping me awake.

After a few minutes I turned my head back towards the light and was about to go sleep on the love seat.

I see a tall dark figure standing between myself and the light.

I was frozen and could not move or scream.

It approached me, reached out and began tapping on my forehead with what felt like a nail or something pointed.

This went on another few minutes until I must have fallen or was put to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to a quiet house.

I go into the bathroom and I have a red spot on my forehead and the skin was slightly broken but no blood.

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