My Father Saw A UFO

My Father Saw A UFO

Date: July 12, 1967

Location: Rural, WY

My father was an over the road truck driver. I was just a young boy. When he returned from his week long run he told my mom he had seen 2 huge UFOs out west.

He said he was driving along and all of a sudden the road lit up as if a plane was going to land. You see, back home. we lived close to an airport and this was common whenever a plane would come in to land.

That was his first thought, then realizing he's out in the middle of nowere he started slowing down and looking out the window. He saw 2 huge cigar shaped craft, floating slowly towards the east. No noise, with steam or something coming out of the rear of the craft.

He watched for a while until he saw them split up, one kept heading east, and one went south.

My mom did not beleive him and asked why do you see these things and nobody else does. This got dad mad and he went right to bed.

That morning mom couldn't wait for dad to get up after seeing the paper. There it was, In black and white, 2 huge UFO's spotted, One over Lake Michigan and one down south somwhere I dont remember.

Well after seeing that mom never doubted dad again. Dad had seen them when they split up. Check it out in the Milwaukee Sentinal, that's what it was called back then. I am not sure on the date.

Could be early to mid 60's mabe even late 50's I was very young, dad has passed away and mom in her 80's can't remember the year anymore.

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