Royals & UFOs

Royals & UFOs

Location: United Kingdom

There are many reasons to believe that they, UFOs, do exist.

There is so much evidence from reliable witnesses.

To most people in Britain, and beyond, Prince Philip was the Queen's long term husband.

A man prone to making the odd verbal gaff in public, but generally respected these days for his long public service in both war and peace time.

To David Icke he was a shape shifting lizard, and to some, plays a leading role as part of the Illuminati.

If those allegations are true, then it is somewhat strange that Prince Philip harbors a keen interest in the UFO phenomenon.

He was a subscriber to the popular British UFO magazine Flying Saucer Review, and was also involved as a pilot in an incident himself in 1981.

On Monday, November 30, 1981 ITN news broadcast a story that the Duke of Edinburgh was piloting a light aircraft 3 days earlier.

The plane was involved in a near miss with a Boeing 747 taking evasive action to avoid colliding with a UFO.

The Times reported the incident the following day in a somewhat serious tone, as follows:

Buckingham Palace confirmed last night that the Duke of Edinburgh was at the controls of an Andover of the Queen's Flight when it was involved in a near miss with a jumbo jet carrying 200 passengers to Miami, FL.

The incident happened after a British Airways Boeing 747 had taken off from Heathrow airport on Friday and was climbing at 300 mph, according to reports.

The pilot took evasive action after seeing an unidentified object fly across his field of vision.

An inquiry is to be held as to why the near miss happened. The Duke was required to submit a report.

Prince Charles was also reportedly involved in a UFO incident in 1986.

Flying over the Irish Sea in late February 1986, Prince Charles was returning from a visit to the USA in a RAF VC-10.

The pilot reported ahead to Heathrow that he had been startled by a glowing red object in the sky, which lit up the cockpit of the aircraft.

No official comment was ever made from the Palace regarding the incident but the MoD did confirm that there was no danger to the Prince.

Back in the 1950s Prince Philip was keen to meet the famous contactee, George Adamski, who claimed he had been taken on a tour of the solar system by aliens from Venus.

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, did meet up with Adamski in 1959 and predicted that a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II in England could well be on the agenda.

The meeting was never arranged of course and Prince Philip was denied his chance to discuss space travel with the Polish American, unless a clandestine liaison was arranged that has never entered the public record.

The embarrassment to the British establishment, back in the 1950s, would have been a lot more embarrassing than the clothing deficiency experiences of the younger royals of today.

But Prince Philip's interest in the UFO subject remained.

Nick Pope, the former Civil Servant in charge of the UFO desk for the MoD has confirmed that the Duke of Edinburgh kept a map at Buckingham Palace with the locations of UFO sightings on his wall.

The Duke even asked the British Air Ministry to send him a copy of their UFO reports.

He also encouraged his equerry, Senior Attendant, Sir Peter Horsley, to discreetly study UFO cases and to bring UFO witnesses to the Palace for private discussions.

From there, things get seriously weird.

Sir Peter Horsley was a former World War II pilot and squadron leader.

He entered the service of the Royals in July 1949 before returning to the RAF in 1956 where he rose through the ranks.

His final role in the RAF was as Deputy Commander in Chief RAF Strike Command in 1973 before he retired.

In 1954 Horsley was invited, by a British Army General Martin, to meet an extraterrestrial being in a flat in London.

The property belonged to a Mrs. Markham at the time.

Sir Peter was taken to a dimly lit room where he encountered one very mysterious man.

Horsley recalls very little about any features of Mr. Janus in his autobiography.

What is strange is that I have no lasting impression of him.

He seemed to fit perfectly in his surroundings.

If I have any impression it was his quiet voice which had a rich quality to it.

He looked about 45 to 50 years old and was wearing a suit and a tie.

He was quite normal in every way except that he seemed to be tuning into my mind and gradually took over the conversation, by the end of the meeting I was quite disturbed really.

The conversation started with Mr. Janus asking Horsley about everything he knew about flying saucers.

Janus explained that man was going through a Dark Age.

Humanity was using technology like a child with new toys giving scant regard to his surroundings, nature and his fellow humans.

He explained that in 20 or 30 years, remember this was 1954, that rockets and satellites would become commonplace and miniaturization of our technology and advances in communication would grow rapidly.

However he stressed that Earth was in a backwater of the galaxy, inhabited by half civilized beings who posed a danger to their neighbors.

Earth was visited from time to time but mainly by robot controlled probes.

Occasional physical interference was necessary but a general rule of space exploration applied throughout the galaxy, do not interfere with the natural development and order of life in the universe.

At the end of a long conversation Sir Peter asked Mr. Janus what his specific interest was.

To which Janus replied:

I would like to meet the Duke of Edinburgh, a man of great vision, who believes strongly in the proper relationship between man and nature which will prove of great importance in future galactic harmony.

Horsley made a full verbatim report of his meeting.

He was disturbed by the fact that Janus could seemingly read his mind and had a significant knowledge of nuclear installations in Britain.

Michael Parker, Prince Philip's private secretary, treated the report as a joke but commented that the Duke of Edinburgh had actually kept an open mind to the whole affair.

When Horsley published his memoirs in 1997, a senior official at the Ministry of Defence commented:

How unfortunate that the public will learn that the man who had his finger on the button of Strike Command was seeing little green men.

The late Earl Mountbatten, Prince Philip's uncle, who served as Supreme Allied Commandeer in South East Asia during World War II, also held a deep interest in the UFO/Alien topic.

Louis Mountbatten had allegedly seen UFOs up close.

Although there is no documented evidence of this, there is a strange parallel with Prince Philip's story above.

On February 25, 1955, Frederick Briggs, a retired Sergeant from the British Army, was working as a maintenance man at Broadlands, the Hampshire home of Mountbatten.

Briggs was either riding or wheeling his bicycle in the grounds, covered in a light dusting of snow, when he reportedly saw a large craft that looked like a child's top hovering over a field.

He saw a column descend from the middle of the object with what appeared to be a small 5' 6, fair haired, humanoid wearing overalls and a helmet.

On reaching almost ground level the humanoid noticed Briggs observing his descent.

Briggs then remembers being paralyzed by a strange light beam whilst the humanoid retreated back into the craft.

As he arrived at the house, Mountbatten's chauffeur noted Briggs, looked noticeably shocked.

Being a good friend Briggs confided his amazing story to the chauffeur who concluded:

You must tell the boss.

After some deliberation Briggs relented and met with his employer.

Mountbatten produced a number of UFO photographs and asked Briggs if he could identify the craft he'd seen.

Briggs recalls the Earl saying to him:

We know about these things and are very interested in them.

They then went to the site to see a perfect circle of snow had melted in the ground underneath where the craft had been hovering.

There were also markings in the snow where Briggs had slipped with his bike.

Mountbatten took Briggs back to the house and asked him to write out a statement which both men signed along with a drawing of the craft by Briggs.

Mountbatten states in his report that he personally interviewed Mr. Briggs. He reported that Briggs:

Did not give the impression of being the sort of man who would be subject to hallucinations, or would in any way invent such a story.

I have personally investigated the above claim by Mr. Briggs and I believe it to be true and correct.


Mountbatten of Burma

The story was almost printed by the Sunday Graphic newspaper but pulled at the last moment when the editor changed his mind so as not to embarrass the Mountbatten family.

However this was not the end of the tale.

In a discussion with Desmond Leslie, something stranger happened to Briggs on the following day.

Briggs was cycling to work up the same road to Broadlands when he encountered the blue uniformed humanoid, standing in the middle of the road, ahead of him.

He stopped, shook the hand of the humanoid, who winced and explained, telepathically, that his race was not as strong as humans.

Briggs was then invited into the spacecraft and sat down alone in a small compartment with a triangular window.

He was then allegedly transported to his chosen destination of the Pyramids of Giza.

Briggs recalled the flight took all of about 10 minutes and he could see both above and the sides of the pyramid from the window.

This somewhat confused him along with the whole experience only lasting around 30 minutes at most.

Before he was returned to ground, Briggs stated the alien said:

If Lord Mountbatten met us he could change the world.

A rather bizarre statement when had they really wanted to contact the Earl they almost certainly could have done.

It is odd that Mountbatten never admitted to seeing the craft or the humanoids Briggs encountered on his grounds.

Subsequently when Mountbatten was later told this second tale via a letter from Desmond to the Queen's Private Secretary he dismissed it all as nonsense.

Mountbatten later met with Adamski in 1963 where he took him to the site of the Briggs encounter.

It seems he strongly believed in the first story but, for reasons unknown, not the second meeting the following day.

Despite the strange tales of alien contact from people who worked for the Royals we still don't know whether they have access to more information than the average citizen or are simply inquisitive.

Lord Mountbatten is no longer with us having been killed by IRA terrorists in 1979.

But why did Briggs encounter a humanoid close to the Earl's estate?

Mountbatten clearly believed his first story but then dismissed the second encounter outright.

The Earl seemingly knew an awful lot about UFOs but when one sneaks up onto his land it seems the only witness is the odd job man.

Sir Peter Horsley's meeting with Mr. Janus is even stranger.

Did he tell Prince Philip more about the meeting than he published in his book?

Could it all be a practical joke, or even the British Establishment testing his loyalty?

Maybe it was a Soviet or even American plot to find out what the Brits knew about flying saucers?

We also have to ponder why Prince Philip & Earl Mountbatten were seen as men the aliens would want to meet?

Did they ever make contact?

If so what does the Duke of Edinburgh really know?

The Royals have strong military connections.

So we could speculate that their permanent position in society means they have access to information more temporary statesmen like Prime Ministers and Presidents do not.

Are all of these peculiar stories true and do they really know the secrets about UFOs and aliens?

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