Sphere In Roswell

Sphere In Roswell

Date: December 15, 1945

Location: Roswell, NM

Were aliens looking for their dead?

I was laying on my bed and was looking out the window.

I saw what I thought was a shooting star or meteor, I didn't know the proper name then, I was about 10 years old.

It was moving very slowly which I thought was unusual.

Before I knew it, I realized it was not a meteor but a sphere and it was descending above the house across the street.

It was bright, but did not give off a whole lot of light.

It moved very slowly and hovered at the porch of our neighbors house.

I ran across the room to wake up my sisters to look at it.

When I reached their bed, my older sister was kneeling on her bed and looking out the window.

I asked her:

Do you see that?

She said Yes.

Then it took off real fast.

I looked to where it was and it was already gone.

We never told anyone or discussed it.

I don't think we even remembered it the next day, until we were adults and we taked about it then.

I thought I would tell our story before we are both gone and neither one of us is here to tell it and back each other up.

Also visted Roswell a few years back and my brother in law told me he had seen a sphere by the cemetery and described it the same as wht my sister and I had seen.

I told him I had seen a similar object when I was a kid.

He was grateful for me telling him that because he thought he was seeing things that were not real.

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