Strange Humming Sound

Strange Humming Sound

Date: August - 1939

Location: Roseberry Topping, Guisborough, England

10 year old Jack Quinn & his mother were taking a walk on a local hill when they heard a strange humming sound under their feet, which seemed to be vibrating.

Scared ,his mother grabbed his hand and pulled him across the heather, but in their haste he fell and hurt his ankle.

As his mother knelt down to check, there was a strong smell of something burning, like burnt paper.

Then a big white globe of light appeared from nowhere, in the middle of the field.

The sphere did not move at first, it just sat on the heather about 10' away.

They estimated it to have been about 6' across.

Then 2 little men appeared on the brow of the hill.

Even though they were about 100' away, the witnesses could see that they were tiny, about 3' in height.

They wore some kind of shiny material, a sort of light greenish color, and had close fitting helmets made of similar kind of material.

The little men were jabbering away to each other in high pitched voices.

They then looked across at the witnesses, pointed, getting excited.

The globe of light then moved closer to the witnesses and the mother, both terrified, began to pray.

The light rolled right around the witnesses very slow. Then it stopped, the humming sound getting louder.

Then everything stopped.

The humming noise and vibrating disappeared and the globe of light and the little men seemed to dematerialize.

Both got up and as they made their slow and painful progress across the field to the path, they distinctly heard some weird high pitched laughter, which seemed to come from the air.

Then there was an abrupt, unnaturally complete stillness.

Both felt very tired.

They seemed to have become disoriented and lost as they stumbled around the field for about half an hour.

Soon, inexplicably they found themselves back in the path totally unaware of how they got there.

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