6 White Lights Rotating

6 White Lights Rotating

Date: September 7, 1944

Location: Rochester, WA

As I made the second curve, I almost wrecked the car.

I caught sight of the craft just to the left of me and a bit ahead.

You could see 6 white lights rotating in a pattern and 4 red lights that spun, then the white lights ran to the inside or center of the craft, made a star formation, then reversed direction and made a circle around the center star like light.

As we parked, the craft stopped and hovered.

There was no engine noise at all.

We got the dogs out of the kennel, they had been raising holy Hell, and were frantic.

As I walked up the road I looked and saw at least 25 rays of light pointing up to the sky, they were like spotlights and were bouncing all over the place.

I am still shaken up, and just a bit afraid they will come back.

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