Robozero Sighting

Robozero Sighting

Date: August 15, 1663

Location: Robozero, Vologda Region, Russia

The Robozero sighting is the most famous UFO case in the history of ancient Russia.

Yuri Roszius and other Russian researchers of paranormal phenomena have studied it extensively. The event occurred in the year 171?, that is, the year 7171, from the Creation of the World, which corresponds to the year 1663. The details of this amazing and enigmatic event have been preserved because of the efforts of the Archeological Commission. It published a collection of its historical acts in 1842, among which was an authentic 17th century document signed by Ivan, Ivashko Rzhevsky, a laborer, in which he bore witness to a remarkable event.

According to Rzhevsky's testimony, on August 15, 1663, between 10:00 a.m. and noon, a great noise resounded over Robozero Lake, located in the Vologda Region, about 80 miles southwest of Belozersk.

From the north, out of a clear sky, appeared a huge flaming sphere not less than 130' in diameter. From its fore part emitted two flame beams, about 20 sazhens ahead of it, a sazhen is about seven feet. From its sides poured bluish smoke. This huge ball of fire, its height like that of a modern 15 story building, about 150', hovered over the lake.

The phenomenon was observed by a multitude of people who had gathered for mass at the parish church, situated on the lake shore. The great noise occurred just as the thanksgiving singing had begun. Terrified by this noise, the people emerged from the church, but upon seeing the frightful sight they went back into the church and prayed to the Lord and the Virgin Mary with tears and weeping.

Shortly afterwards, the great flame and the two smaller ones vanished, but it reappeared on two or three more occasions, moving in a westward direction, seemingly becoming brighter each time, before finally dimming and disappearing from view a full hour and a half later.

Peasants were sailing in a boat on the lake at the time, but the scorching heat forced them to the bank. They saw that light from the unknown object had penetrated the water and reached the bottom of the lake, about four sazhens down, 28'. They saw fish fleeing from the flame toward the shore.

Rzhevsky's story was corroborated by another eyewitness, a peasant by the name of Levko Fedorov, and he also received written confirmation from the local priests that such a token was observed on that date. Only then did Rzhevsky report the occurrence to his superiors. However, despite providing a detailed description of the phenomenon, Rzhevsky does not offer any subjective interpretation of it.

Others have tried to interpret the Robozero phenomenon. Russian astronomer D. Svyatski, in his book Astronomical Phenomena in Russian Chronicles, claims that the eyewitnesses saw pieces of a meteorite that flew apart after an explosion, but this does not account for the sighting of the people in the boat approaching a hovering body? Others have tried to explain it as ball lightning, but there was no storm or rain that day. The life span of lightning is short. Its diameter is no more than 3', certainly not 130'.

Yuri Roszius analyzed Rzhevsky's report and came up with a fresh interpretation of the sighting. His detailed analysis included the study of one interesting episode related by eyewitnesses. The document notes a change in the outer appearance of the object: an increase in its brightness when it came into view for the third time. For some reason this change preceded the start of the object's progressive movement westward. In modern times, such an increase in brightness could be attributed to the firing up of cruise engines, an increase in its thrust. Is it by chance that the object's brightness increased before its departure? Mankind did not possess such advanced technology then, but it is feasible that the population of Robozero was being observed by an alien civilization.

To this day no known scientific theory has explained the phenomenon.

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