Driving To Prescott

Driving To Prescott

Date: June 15, 1948

Location: Ritzville, WA

We were going by car to Prescott, AZ.

We were crossing a desert, I can still see the whole picture.

When to our right we saw a very bright light that arose from the skyline that met the desert which was about 10 miles away or more.

It flew towards us at an impossible speed, then stopped faster than possible.

It set in one place for about 3 minutes, then took a very sharp angle turn to the right and went across the mountains at unbelieveable speed and out of sight.

Maybe the mileage was more, but it was very fast and moved very quickly.

I have never seen anything to this day, move so fast and so far in such a short time.

It was a round very bright light, like the Sun shining off a stainless piece of steel.

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