Summer Camp Sighting

Summer Camp Sighting

Date: July 15, 1955

Location: Ringold, LA

As a young boy at church summer camp my friend and I were sitting on the steps of the main dining hall talking.

I looked up in the sky and saw 3 small lights, only slightly larger than stars moving across the sky.

At a speed not much faster than a plane would move one behind the other fairly close together.

First we thought they must be planes but thought they were moving a little to fast.

While watching them they stopped.

This really got our attention, and while watching them sit there they took off as if shot from a gun and in a flash was gone.

I know this is a boring story as there was no large craft to take us on board or anything like that, but I guess that's why I'm reporting after 50 years.

I saw what I saw and it was not any kind of plane.

I'm reporting because I believe there are thousands of people like me who have seen similar incidents and never told, or had the opportunity to tell their story.

But now we have the internet and I hope you will get the word out asking people to report even the simple sightings like mine.

I saw a similar thing again about 12 years later.

My son has also seen interesting lights but never told anyone but me and perhaps his brother.

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