Multiple Entity & Craft Sightings

Multiple Entity & Craft Sightings

Date: August 7, 1967

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Pedro Riera who claimed that he was startled out of a sound sleep at about 2:00 a.m. by the sudden and violent shaking of his bed. When he awoke, he sat bolt upright and saw a creature by his bed which flew or soared out of the open window.

When he realized what he had seen, Riera went to the window to see what was happening, but was blinded by multi-colored beams of light which forced him to turn away. They seemed to come from the ground, but beyond that he could not identify the source. By the time he was fully awake and dressed to go to investigate, a light rain had begun to fall and he decided to wait until later to look for the source.

On the next morning, however, Riera and several friends and neighbors found a semi circular scuff mark on the street below, as well as small footprints which were composed of a reddish dust. The prints led from the scuff mark to the balcony where Riera had claimed the little man had flown out of the window.

Mrs. Betty Ruff, a neighbor in the area, was questioned about the incident and revealed that having known Riera since his boyhood, she felt that she was qualified to comment on his reliable nature.

Also, Riera’s uncle, Civil Air Captain Gregorio Armando, questioned his nephew and was convinced that he had seen what he claimed to have seen.

Besides the corroboration concerning Riera’s veracity, there was added testimony about a saucer shaped device on the ground at 2:00 a.m. that morning in the same street by Carmen Ortega, Jose Andres Pasqual, and Javier Pascaul, who said that they had seen the object in front of Riera’s building. They said they had been awakened by the lights and viewed the object from their window, which was situated a floor above street level.

On the 26th of August, reports were made of strange object” in the vicinity of Puente del Rio Tigre. National Guardsmen who were questioned by newsmen would not elaborate, but it was known that they had been stationed on the highway to Maturin and that they had been stopping cars and warning the passengers that strange things were being reported in the area.

One man, named Saki Macharechi, was driving between Barracas where he lived and Maturin, when he spotted a flying object which he, at first, thought was a wild heron. As he drew closer to the object, he realized that the thing he had seen in flight only seconds before was a dwarfish being about 3' tall, with huge eyes. When he got close enough to get a good look at it, the creature was standing near a bridge. Macharechi was so frightened by the sight that he jammed the accelerator to the floor and sped away from the area.

News accounts stated that other motorists had seen similar odd things, but unfortunately, none of the news offices kept records of incoming calls, reports, or names of witnesses.

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