Kite Shaped UFO

Kite Shaped UFO

Date: May 25, 1957

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

The object was shaped like a kite and was a very bright yellow at first.

It was jumping up and down 3 or 4 times a second and flashing at the same rate.

It was moving very slowly southwest over the swamp towards the edge of Round lake.

Instantly it jumped up 6' or 8' and turned a bright orange still jumping and flashing as before.

At this time I grabbed my sister and told her to look at this.

It just changed colors, what is it?

She said it was a kite and I said no it's in the swamp.

Who is going to fly a kite in the swamp.

Just then it jumped up another 7' and changed to a hot rose pink color, still jumping and flashing and still moving slowly southwest.

Now over land, and into the large trees that lined the lake.

It went in between trees but kept it's southwest direction until it was lost from sight into the heavy forest.

I would estimate the size of the object as 5' high and perhaps 3' wide.

It was a clear bright day with a light easterly breeze.

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