Object Photographed

Object Photographed

Date: November 14, 2001

Location: Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada

Hello, my story starts with a visit to Cornwallis Island on the week of November 6, 2001 to November 14, 2001.

After my visit was complete we departed Cornwallis Island and flew to Resolute.

We had about a 3 hour wait for our connecting flight to Nanisivik.

So we stayed in the airport and waited for our plane to show up.

On a previous project, I had purchased a new Sony digital top of the line camera and I had this with me for the site visit to document an area where I was going to.

I took several shots of the surrounding airport terrain and when I got back to the office a week later I went through the 100+ photos.

To my surprise picture #97 had an object in the background.

This shot was taken at about. 12:45 p.m. in the direction of the end of the runway.

I have enlarged this photo and examined it in many ways.

It sends a little chill up and down my spine every time I look at it.

My friends and work colleagues are speechless.

Those that do not believe in UFOs donít know what to say or canít.

When you enlarge this photo you will see this object at an angle and underneath it, you can see 3 columns of disfigured airspace, possibly drives.

The afternoon was clear and crisp and the shacks at the end of the runway clearly are proportionate to the object passing just past the end of the runway.

I did not see the object to take this photo.

I pointed at the end of the runway and took the shot, what was in the shot as I said was discovered later.

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