Stuck in Traffic

Stuck in Traffic

Date: July 4, 1972

Location: Near Rehobeth Beach, DE

Fireworks had just ended and there were a lot of cars slowly driving away from the event, stuck in traffic.

I was a young girl, with my sister, mother & father in one of these cars.

A silver metallic saucer hovered, no sound.

About 25' in the air, over the cars about 5 or 6 cars ahead of us, we had a very clear view.

There were 3 horizontal parts, the middle horizontal part of the craft rotated slowly, with red/yellow and other colored rectangular lighted sections with rounded corners all about the same size in this rotating section, which rotated clockwise from our perspective.

Top and bottom parts were not rotating. After a few minutes, the craft shot up and away at a high speed at about a 45° angle, again no sound or vibrations.

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