More John Reeves UFO Details

More John Reeves UFO Details

Date: March 2, 1965

Location: Brooksville, FL

Transcribed Letters From John Reeves:

Dear Charles,

Just got your letter and it was so nice to hear from you.

I'm sending you another clipping of a new landing, You can read about it.

I have so many letters to answer. I'm way behind with them.

If you don't hear from me at once, just have patients. I'll get around to it.

The clipping you sent me was very good. I got that little magazine you sent me from one of the other boys.

How is the weather back there? It's getting warm again here, we did have some cool nights, it doesn't last long, this cold snap.

How is your club coming along?

I may be that way sometime after the New Year. Will drop by and see you. I can tell you more about my sighting then.

The mailman will be here in a few minutes, so I'll sign off for this time.

Have a nice Holiday Season.

Your Friend,

John F. Reeves

For the newspapers up where you are. They will have a write up about me.

If they do, please send me a clipping.

Thank You

Please excuse this envelope, I don't have any other.


April 26,1967

Brooksville, Flo

Dear Charley,

I just got your letter, and was so glad to hear from you. We watch the UFOs at night here, every night we see the same thing moving around up there.

There are a lot of magazines out there with my story how things happen that I didn't tell anyone.

I was inside that flying saucer that first time when I saw it, I didn't tell anyone about that at that time. I knew no one would belive me if I did tell them. There were more write ups in the out of town papers, they were here and got the story.

They were going to send me the clippings. I haven't got any thing yet.

I had people write to me and they told me they saw my story in the papers and they said my pictures were in there too. I sure would like to have them for my scrap book. If I ever get any extra copies I'll sure send them to you.

I got a letter from James Kelly. I told him I was going to stop at his place if I come up to N.Y.

There will be a big convention up your way this June, They may want me in it. From what I've heard, I sure would like to be there.

I wonder if they are going to be on TV, try and find out for me Charles. I'll put it on the tape. I have quite some of myself on tapes that came over the air waves.

Well Charles,

I'll close for now. So nice that you wrote to me. I have so much to write. I'm way behind in my letter writing. I get mail from all over.

If I come to N.Y., I'll drop in at your place.

O.K. So long for now.

Your Friend,

John F. Reeves

Route 4 - Box 481

Brooksville, Flo



Best regards to all

Keep looking up

Do you have other brothers and sisters?

Are ya the oldest?


Dear Chuck,

I just got your clippings and letter Note, If you send those clippings to the Saucer Scoop in care of Joan Whritenour 6464 34th Ave, West St. Petersburg, Flo, And if you see any thing moving around up in the sky,

tell them, they will put your name in that Saucer Scoop.

The clippings you and James Kelly sent me,

I'm giving to Saucer Scoop.

Some times when you and James sends me these clippings, I have to pay an extra postage on them.

They won't pass them for a dime. I didn't get any clipping of myself yet, but there are a few write ups in the magazines about me.

I got a letter from that big convention that is going to be up there in N.Y. They want me up there to speak. But I can't get up there. I have so much to do down here.

James was telling me that you and him saw some thing moving around up in the skies. Keep looking up. Maybe one will land near you.

There was a write up in one of the news papers one dy last week that down in Miami there will be a flying saucer that will in where I will be.

You hear all kinds of things that are going to happen.

Well Chuch, I'll close for this time. Glad to hear from you.

So long for now.

If I'm a little late in writing to you, it's because I have to answer other letters.

From Your Friend,

Your Friend,

John F. Reeves

Route 4 - Box 481

Brooksville, Flo



Best regards to all


5101 N. 12th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19141

Sept. 10, 1966

Dear Friend:

The coordinater of Skytrace, Mr. James Mellodew, asked me to write to you concerning membership in Skytrace.

I understand he wrote to all recent applicants, but in some cases received no reply, due, no doubt, that most persons were on vacation at that time. We would like very much to join our organization if you are interested in UFOs.

Have you read the article in the March Issue of Saucer News concerning membership; rules and regulations? All members must read this article so they can follow the correct procedure in reporting a sighting. If you have not yet read the article, and cannot locate a copy of the magazine in which it appeared, you may obtain a copy of the article by writing to Mr. Mellodew direct, and enclose $1 cash for a photo-copy.

Mr. Mellodew's address is, in case you have misplaced it, is as follows: 5225 Schuyler St., Philadelphia, PA 19144.

Applicants under 21 years of age must enclose a note from a parent or guardian because you may have to make phone calls, in case of a sighting. Also include your full name and address; phone number; and don't forget your zip code!

There are UFO sightings all over the world every day, and the more members that we have, the more likely it is that we can do some very valuable research on the subject.

I am the Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant to Mr. Mellodew, and if there are any questions or if I can be of any service at all to you, please contact me by letter.

However, all applications should be sent to Mr. Mellodew.

Sincerely Yours,


Ruth S. Smyth


July 16th, 1966

Thanks for your kind expression of interest in Skytrace.

However, it is necessary to read my article, "Operation Skytrace" that appeared in March, 1966 issue of Saucer News in order to understand the procedures.

Many new Skytrace applicants have not read my article and it would be impossible to function as an observer unless it has been read, and understood, thoroughly.

The article consits of 3 pages, and I am having photo-copies made for interested members, but I cannot personally absorb the expense for this process.

The cost for individual duplicating is 30¢ per page.

If interested, send $1 to defray the cost of the photo-copy, plus postage. No checks nor money orders will be accepted. Send cash only.

Since the article is no longer available through Saucer News, this is the only way it can be obtained.

In addition, send me your complete phone number, including the area code, and you will be forwarded a list of all other active Skytrace observers. You will also be assigned a code name, and number for reporting purposes. Please respond promptly if interested.


J.E. Mellodew

Man Reports Third Spaceship Landing Near Brooksville


A 66 year old man reported yesterday another landing of a spaceman near. his home, and exhibited unusual footprints around his house on State Road 50, halfway between here and Weeki Wachee Springs.

The much published story of John F. Reeves first encounter with a strange, robot like creature and its space vehicle on March 3, 1965, was labeled a hoax by the U.S. Air Force nearly one month later.

Yesterday Reeves said he saw a strange, orange colored light rise from the ground about 2:00 a.m. and shoot skyward while he was reporting the sighting to Mrs. Ralph E. Lewis of rural Brooksville from a nearby telephone booth.

Reeves credited his 14 year old dog Nellie, a black Pomeranian, was making him aware that something was amiss outside his home as he sat writing what he called the correct version of his past encounters with spacemen and their vehicles.

Nellie was outside and began barking and scratching at the door as Reeves wrote and listened to a television program. Reeves went outside to determine what had frightened the dog and at first thought the orange colored Iights behind an unoccupied building located just north of him were the headlights of a car.

When he decided it was something unusual, he said he attempted to reach a reporter friend, who was not at home, the Brooksville police and the Hernando County Sheriff's office. He said he called Mrs. Lewis when officers told him they were busy investigating two traffic accidents.

Reeves said he waited outside until Mrs. Lewis and her son arrived, and that they took flashlights and looked at holes in the ground where the spaceship and robot had been.

The footprints led from the spaceship to the empty building, from there to Reeves home, and from there to a trailer parked at the rear of the house before returning to the spaceship.

The pair said:

He, the robot, was looking for John, declared Mrs. Lewis.

Only a few footprints could be seen late yesterday, and most of those in a sandy area around the empty building had been swept away by yesterday's wind, Reeves said.

Several which hail been covered were exhibited to reporters. They had treads, figure eight in shape, one smalller than the other, with treads on the bottom. They were about four inches wide and about 12 inches long. About usual lmpression for footprints.

Reeves reported finding a message from his first visitor from outer space in 1965, written on tissue thin paper in hieroglyphics, which were later termed the work of an amateur by the Air Force.

A second sighting was reported by Reeves in October of 1965.

When asked yesterday if he had contaeted the Air Force, he said:

Why bother them, they won't believe you anyway? He said he has completed 27 handwritten pages of the story he's writing of exactly what has happened to him in the past, in order to clarily what he termed many incorrect statements.

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