Date: June 01, 2013

Location: Magnolia TX

A few days after I moved to the rural area of Magnolia, Texas, a friend and I were sitting outside We had my camera on a tripod looking for the orb she had seen in the sky several times. It was the night after Orb won the Kentucky Derby, which we took as an omen. Venus was really bright, and visibility was really good. After not seeing anything unusual for quite a while, we were just about to pack it in. The mosquitoes were getting bad. Then all of a sudden we spotted what we at first thought was a satellite, only it was bright red and moving much too fast from the south-east to the south-west about 60° above the horizon. It was much, much faster than a satellite, the space station, or a conventional aircraft. And it was round. It took only a second or two at most to traverse the entire sky, too fast to focus my camera on. We were so disappointed not to get a video of it, but it moved too fast. Did anyone else see this?


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