Charlie Redstar Incident

Charlie Redstar Incident

Date: Summer - 1975 & 1976

Location: Carman, Manitoba, Canada

Charlie Redstar was a name given to some UFOs sighted across Manitoba in the summers of both 1975 & 1976, many of them near the town of Carman, Manitoba. It was described as a red fireball, sometimes stationary and sometimes speeding off rapidly, and similar fireballs were also dubbed Charlie's friends and cousins. Other similar UFOs were reported as flying saucers or Ferris wheel shaped. It was often described as playful, friendly, or mischievous by witnesses.

Examples of sightings:

February 1975, north of Lundar, Manitoba: A farmer walking to his barn saw a basketball sized light swooping over him. As he gazed up, he felt as if hot plastic was poured over his face.

March 27, 1975, near Graysville, Manitoba: At 2:00 a.m., a young girl wakes up to a shrill siren like pulsating sound, and an earthquake like tremble. She saw a red ball of light, as bright as the sun, zipping southwards.

April 10, 1975, near Carman, Manitoba: The Diemert couple was walking to their private airfield, when they saw a large red slow moving light, hovering at the treeline. They saw a disk shaped object with a dome attached. It then turned direction and disappeared after 5 minutes.

Starting May 7 of that year, the same couple saw the object every night for several months. In the summer, many others came to their airfield to see the UFO, observing incredibly fast changes in direction.

On May 9, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, Constable was called to their farm to see the UFO. He reported that the object was at approximately 1,000' in altitude. He described it as an oval red light, surrounded with an x shaped white halo. When he followed it in his car, it appeared stationary for about 2 to 3 minutes, then started moving away.

The object behaved rather similarly to an airplane descending into Winnipeg.

June 4, 1975, North of St. Claude, Manitoba:

A farmer saw a flying saucer with 2 domes top to bottom, made from a glass like material. The top of the craft was silver in color and the bottom was described as a fish like milky white. He attempted to leave the area but his truck failed to start.

In 1976, fewer sightings were reported, but many people still saw the familiar red light, bobbing in the distance. A ufologist was able to look at Charlie, and his cousin, Little Charlie, a twinkling later that often receded when approached.

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