Redding Abduction

Redding Abduction

Date: Autumn - 1952

Location: Redding, CA

During the fall of 1952 in the Redding area of California came not only a sighting of a UFO but a claim of alien abduction. With the unnamed family at home for the evening, the main witness would report of a sudden urge to look out of the window. When he did, he could see a huge, silvery oval shaped craft heading towards them just above the treetops. They would immediately call to the rest of the household to come and view this bizarre object.

As the aerial anomaly got closer, with the entire family now watching the monstrous craft, they could see a circula” motion on the underside, as well as a bright orange light. As it passed over their property, all would later agree that it moved in absolute silence and disappeared out of sight into the early evening sky.

Several hours later, however, just as the main witness was preparing for bed, he would notice that his twin brother appeared as though he was in a trance like state. He was sitting straight upright in his bed, for example, staring ahead. He also now noticed a strange blue light penetrating the room from outside. The witness was just about to call out his brother's name when he suddenly noticed a strange, tall figure in the room.

It adorned a black cape that came down to its knees and wrapped an otherwise pale grey body. Its head was hairless and large, too large for its body, and its eyes were equally oversized and a deep black.

The witness, now scared and confused, turned around and went to head out the door. However, in the doorway was another tall figure. This one would talk to the witness through telepathy in a female voice, which the witness presumed meant the entity was indeed female. It would tell him to calm down.

This being looked slightly different from the first entity he noticed in the room. Its head was more egg shaped and the chin was decidedly more pointed. The oversized nature of the head, though, as well as the large, black eyes and grey skin were very much the same.

Then, without him realizing what had happened, the witness claimed to be floating upwards in a strange beam of light. The female entity was beside him. His surroundings would suddenly change again. He now found himself in a strange object with many corridors. There were also more of the strange grey skinned entities that had appeared in his bedroom. The female entity would lead him down one of these corridors and into a small room. Once inside, he would sit in a strange, futuristic chair.

Then, one of the entities would place a bizarre device on each side of his head. Once this device was in place and activated, images of future events would flash and run through his mind. The next thing he knew, both he and his twin brother were back in their beds. There was no sign of either of the two strange entities.

Auto repair shop owner, Cecil Michael, would claim to have witnessed a disk shaped object flying extremely low over his shop in the city of Bakersfield in the summer of 1952. In fact, the object was so low that he could clearly see two occupants inside the craft. Each looked heavyset, and each wore strange hoods.

Then, several weeks later in mid October, the same two men, or at least ones who looked very similar, appeared at his shop themselves.

A similar sighting occurred near Lake June, although the exact date is unknown, when California resident, Jack Peterson, claimed a small humanoid figure emerged from a cone shaped device.

Even stranger, this device had seemingly emerged from beneath the ground. The humanoid figure looked around briefly before reentering the craft, which then burrowed back down into the depths of the earth.

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