About The Size Of A Pea At Arms Length

About The Size Of A Pea At Arms Length

Date: December 15, 1954

Location: Red Bank, NJ

I was a soldier, stationed at Ft. Monmouth, NJ at the time of the sighting.

As I walked West towards my barracks on a cold clear night in December, I first noticed the object at about 30° elevation.

It moved steadily on the same course for about 20 seconds.

Then, it abruptly stopped without decelerating for what seemed to be a minute or so.

It abruptly restarted, at the same speed as before and remained on the same course.

This behavior repeated 2 more times.

Then the object zipped up at about a 70° angle towards the northeast, getting smaller as it disappeared in about 2 seconds.

During the observation period there was no sound, and no change in brightness or color.

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