Sighting in Reading

Sighting in Reading

Date: April 15, 1981

Location: Reading, England

I know this was a long time ago, and I donít know if it is of interest being in the UK. I cannot remember the exact time or date, as I was only 11 at the time, 23 years ago. However, I can remember every second of the actual event.

Reading is about 50 miles west of London, and was on the flight path for Concorde coming into Heathrow. As it was so close to landing at the time it went overhead, it was very low in the sky, and extremely loud. Our windows would shake, and phone conversations were impossible for the 20 to 30 seconds that Concorde was passing overhead. This particular day was warm, bright blue skies, with a little wispy broken white cloud. Very clear, very bright.

Myself and maybe 5 to 8 other children were watching the Concorde go over, as we always did. Someone called out:

Whatís that? Is that a helicopter?

Someone else: Thats NOT a helicopter.

It was in fact a classic silver disk. It was flying alongside Concorde, elevations are impossible to judge, but that was the impression. It flew alongside the Concorde, matching it perfectly, for about 30 or 40 seconds. It then flew off, flew is the wrong term, it shot off like a bullet, at a right angle to itís previous direction of flight. It flew away and up until it vanished into the clouds.

My brother and I have since independently remembered 2 further events, one while we were at dinner with Budd Hopkins at the Leeds UFO conference funnily enough.

One was a triangle of white lights hovering over the car, and the other was a bright blue sphere hovering over some woods visible from our bedroom window at 4:01 a.m. Both of these events were since forgotten, and we independently remembered particular details which agreed.

The Concorde sighting has always been crystal clear in my memory. A couple of years ago I was remembering the Concorde event. Shortly afterwards I returned to Reading to visit relatives. I bumped into a friend who I hadnít seen in about 12 years, but I remembered him being there in that playground.

Before we could talk about anything else, I said:

Thisíll sound weird, do you remember back at Westwood Farm looking up at Concorde and seeing something?

He instantly said:

Yeah, a silver disk that shot off.

I replied: Thank you, I didnít imagine it.

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