One Summer Night II

One Summer Night II

Date: July 30, 1958

Location: Randallstown, MD

2 triangular slow, silent low flying objects, each with 3 white lights, were seen in mid l958 over Balto, County hundreds.

Immediately after the recently launched Telstar satellite passed overhead during the summer of 1958, and fell below the horizon, 2 utterly silent triangular objects moving parallel, close together in tandem, each with a point of white light at each corner.

Passed directly overhead, blocking the background stars.

Each the width of a Full Moon, at what appeared to be low altitude, moving slowly South to North.

Which was followed the next day by an article buried in the inside pages of the Baltimore newspapers claiming that hundreds of persons reported seeing UFOs over northern/northwestern Baltimore County the previous night.

These objects were not aircraft, since completely silent yet low in altitude.

But were obviously under coordinated controlled flight, and moving too slowly to be supported by aerodynamic lift.

These identical observations were made by me, about age 9, my then best friend, age 11, and his mother, then about age 45.

She is the one who found the newspaper article the next day.

Which I have never taken the time to attempt to relocate since then, but which forever impressed this sighting in my memory.

Since independently confirmed and shared by many other complete strangers in the area written up in the Baltimore Sun papers or News American.

The date and time is approximate, but was approximately the height of summer l958.

I have never had any other sighing before nor since, and did not connect it to UFOs per se because back then they were described as flying saucers.

And I had never heard of triangular UFOs, only disks or alleged cigar shapes, until the l990s, when photos of the triangular objects over Belgium and elsewhere first came to my attention.

Unlike some other reports of triangular sightings, however there was no central light, but instead merely one small white light at each apex of each triangle.

Other than the absence of a central light, what we saw appeared identical to the Belgian triangles caught on film in the l990s.

No other detail could be made out with respect to the objects.

I've decided to report this after all these years in the hope that if enough people make enough reports.

Then the scientific community and the appropriate authorities will study these phenomenon seriously.

Also, someone should check the archives of the local newspapers for the summer of l958 which should substantiate that many persons reported the same observations at the same time, totally independently of one another.

Our group of 3 had not made any report of what we saw that night to anyone.

But were genuinely puzzled at the time, and surprised the next day that so many other unknown persons reported similar phenomenon the previous night at the same time in the same area, over northern and northwestern Baltimore County.

In those days Randallstown, where our sighing occurred, was semi rural and therefore relatively free of City light pollution.

It was a warm, clear ,dry ,starry, moonless night, which may help pin down the time of month.

And it will remain vivid in my recollection forever, since what we saw was nothing like I've ever seen before nor since.

Except for the Belgian photos from the early l990 sightings, and was definitely not man made aircraft due to their flight characteristics, meaning apparent large size, lack of sound, low slow coordinated & level, uniform straight line motion, and other appearance as described above.

These 2 objects continued North not changing speed nor direction until over the horizon.

This is all I recall observing, and would have thought no more of it.

But for the aforesaid newspaper reports by so many others the next day, on the theory that all of us could not be mistaken nor confused at what we saw, like controlled silent low flying triangles in formation, maintaining equal distance from one another, inconsistent with any known technology, nor any natural phenomena whatsoever.

The lights did not flash like a plane, change color, intensity, their positions relative to one another while continuing a uniform motion northward of our backyard vantage point.

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