Object at End of Runway

Object at End of Runway

Date: June 1, 1954

Location: Ramey Air Force Base (Puerto Rico), PR

Comming out of mess hall, I saw A circular, sharp edged, without other features object over the ocean, in line with the runway at a SAC base.

Sorry that I cannot put a better date on this occurance.

Comming out of the mess hall I saw a circular object, in line with the runway, appearing like brushed aluminum at about 3,000'.

It was early evening and I said to myself that perhaps its a ballon. I looked just above the object, but there were several stars above the object.

I left and went into the barracks.

Several months later I took a course in communications. The person teaching the course used the UFO as an example of an incident that percipitated the use of a Flash Priority message to the Pentagon. He stated that flash priority is used only in cases of national emergency and that it was the first time that flash priority had been used at Ramey AFB since WWII.

It is my understanding that aircraft, in this case the B-36 had not been able to land and aircraft had been diverted to LA.

The person giving the course did not explain.

He talked about it as if everyone in the class was familiar with the incident. I take from that that the whole base was familiar with this UFO.

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