46 Years of Sightings

46 Years of Sightings

Date: 1979

Location: Rainelle, WV

In 1979 in the small town of Rainelle, I along with my brother and 20 other people stood near the railroad tracks around noon.

A silver Galactica type of a craft about 300' in length slowly moved towards us.

It had a lot of windows and alien markings underneath the craft, almost Egyptian like.

The railroad tracks were shaking as it followed 50' above the rails. A car almost wrecked when they saw it.

A retired naval officer stood baffled as he witnessed the event in the clear skies.

We were all amazed while watching it during our picnic.

It moved slowly through the town like a tour bus. It took nearly 10 minutes to pass by.

It made Close Encounters look pale in comparison to what we witnessed this day. It was so close,

I could have hit it with a rock. It was the clearest and closest sighting we have ever seen.

After the craft had left, the retired naval officer came to us and said that he knew aliens existed but were amazed at how huge this ship was.

Flying by slowly through town in the midday. It was the talk of the town for years.

I have seen several other UFOs in the past 46 years. If I had a camera, there would have been no argument on if aliens exist or not. I would have been famous. It would have been a clear and close shot of this huge craft.

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