Triangular UFOs And More

Triangular UFOs And More

Location: Cubatao, São Paulo, Brazil

I, Roberto Rabelo, saw a huge UFO over the city of Cubatao, São Paulo. When I arrived at my job at the ETA, Water Treatment Station, there were 3 other fellows watching the phenomenom. It was 12:58 a.m., dawn of August 21, and I looked to the North and there was a UFO at a low altitude. One of the technicians said that it must be a short circuit in a near energy tower.

Then we ascended the tower and realised that thing we were seeing was not ordinary. The UFO was higher than the energy tower. It had a red light on top and 3 others red lights below it, in a triangular shape. The lights did not blink.

Seconds later, between the red lights, a lot of flashes, hundreds of white flashes! Then all disappeared, suddenly.

I estimated that the UFO was bigger than a soccer field. Then suddenly once again the UFO appeared, just like the first time, but this time when the flashing lights had turned off, from the UFO another object, like a yellow ball, came out, which flew in the direction of the COSIPA, a food factory. But the big UFO itself was no longer visible.

Again suddenly, for the third time the UFO appeared and this time we were able to see a shadow behind it. Something triangular.

Finally the UFO moved away in the east direction, passing over the COSIPA factory. All the sighting lasted 20 minutes and was seen by four of us technicians.

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