Object Was Silently Descending Vertically

Object Was Silently Descending Vertically

Date: June 13, 1960

Location: Quincy, CA

A lighted object was silently descending vertically into the canyon, then stopped and hovered

A few days ago, while researching UFO California sightings, I came across the Red Bluff Incident, and it absolutely blew my mind.

I am convinced without a shadow of doubt that I was a witness to this event.

From the latter part of June until the 24th of August, 1960, I along with a friend, prospected for gold on the middle fork of the Feather River.

We gained access to the river through the little California mine, between Oroville and Quincy CA.

For many years, I’ve wanted to collaborate this event of August, 1960, but have been unable to do so, until just a few days ago.

I’ll try to be brief and precise.

On an evening in mid August, 1960, I awoke on an open air cot on a sandbar, and was watching the stars and SAC planes when my attention was diverted to movement down the canyon.

The river elevation was 1,700’ and the ridge elevation was 6-7000’.

A lighted object was silently descending vertically into the canyon.

It stopped and hovered.

The craft seemed to be rotating with internal rotating lights.

As I was watching, the vehicle sent very bright beams of light on the canyon walls, and down to the river.

From my vantage point, and because of the extreme terrain, I could not see the floor of the canyon or the river.

I may have been 750', but it is impossible to estimate the actual distance.

After a minute or so, the bottom lights disappeared, the vehicle silently ascended and was gone very quickly.

I have discussed this event with my wife and very close friends, but have never joined any groups, or sought information about what I had witnessed.

I would welcome some feed back on this if there is still anyone around.

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