Tall Unidentified Entity Enters Home

Tall Unidentified Entity Enters Home

Date: October 15, 1957

Location: New York City, Queens, NY

Encounter with being approximately 6'5", tight grey suit, surrounded by grey haze.

Entered home, wisping noise upon entrance to house like wind blowing leaves.

Heavy steps up to second floor apartment, then stood at top of stairs.

Entity observed mother & awoke an infant.

It shone a single solid beam of light that forked into 2 beams halfway down its path onto mother and newborn infant.

Unexplained rashes resulted for weeks later all over the infant.

Under arms, neck, back, and shoulders of the mother, mother deceased in 2001.

She insisted on all particulars of this event over many years.

Incident lasted about 2 hours.

Oddly enough, similar incident occurred again in 1978 to mother and second teenage son at new residence Monticello/Pine Bush, NY.

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