Object Left A Trail

Object Left A Trail

Date: June 15, 1956

Location: New York City, Queens, NY

I looked into the darkened sky and observed a light source that was moving in a circular motion.

I was walking with my brother in back of my Grandmothers house located in Rego Park Queens, NY.

The house was on 62nd Drive near Woodhaven Boulevard.

We were walking towards my home on Woodhaven Boulevard.

My brother was on leave from the military, he was based in Fort Eustis, VA helicopter unit.

He was familiar with flying and various types of air craft capabilities.

My brothers memory concerning the event is waning, for myself it was an event I can not forget.

I observed a source of light in the evening sky, I was unable to see any details as the light was moving in a circular motion at a tremendous speed.

After the first circular motion I brought the object to the attention of my brother.

He looked at the object and stated that it was obviously not an airplane, as a plane can not make such a tight circular maneuver at such a tremendous speed.

After the third tight circle the light accelerated out of its flight pattern & moved towards the direction of Long Island.

The light source moved so quickly it disappeared within seconds.

My Brother & I couldn't believe what we had just seen, we never saw anything move as fast as this light source object.

My Brother called the local airports and asked if their people had seen anything unusual in the sky.

They said no.

The military saw nothing.

Nobody would admit there was anything unusual in the night sky.

I have not seen anything unusual in the sky since June 15, 1956.

I don't usually look into the evening sky, I just dont believe man is alone in this vast universe.

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