U.S.S. Gyatt Sighting

U.S.S. Gyatt Sighting

Date: November 19, 1964

Location: At Sea - 220 Miles Northwest Of Puerto Rico

The U.S.S. Gyatt was stationed in the Atlantic when its radar detected a bogey approaching the island from the northeast at speeds exceeding Mach 1.

The Gyatt relayed a message to Roosevelt Roads Navy Base in Puerto Rico, which then contacted an F-8C aircraft of Utility Squadron Eight.

This aircraft was already flying at an altitude of 30,000' over Puerto Rico.

The aircraft reported a stranger closing in very fast.

The pilot of the F-8C described the object as delta shaped and about the size of a fighter.

Its color was black or gray and had no lights.

It had no contrail but had a light source emitting from the tail during periods of acceleration.

The pilot pursued the bogey but could not intercept.

The target accelerated out of sight in a wide starboard turn climbing through 50,000' at about 19° angle of climb in excess of Mach 1.

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