UFO With Humanoids

UFO With Humanoids

Date: May - 1952

Location: Prospect Heights, IL

Mrs. Ann Sohn looked out the window and saw a luminous disk shaped object hovering over the vacant lot beside her house.

Along its side ran a row of square windows, and on top was a transparent dome, beneath it was a cloud of green glowing vapor.

The body of the craft was white luminous, the windows dark, except for the last 3, inside which was a very intense white light.

In each of these windows a man was visible, 2 facing Mrs. Sohn and the 3rd in profile. They were wearing parka like coveralls with hoods or headpieces.

She watched for 3 or 4 minutes, then the men were seen to move levers, the ship became a brilliant red orange, and then departed at fantastic speed.

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