Silent, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen

Silent, Cigar Shaped Craft Seen

Date: August 15, 1947

Location: Proctor, OK

I make this report from a story my mother told me. The date, year, and time are approximate. When she was a young girl, her family lived near Baron Fork Creek, east of Proctor.

Around sunset, her father told her to go and fetch the milk cow. She headed toward a wind break of trees. Up from behind the row of trees rose a shiny silver, cigar shaped ship. There was no sound. However, she could feel a vibration in her throat and lungs, may indicate a low, subsonic vibration.

In the blink of an eye, the ship zipped sideways and disappeared out of sight.

She fetched the cow home and never said a word about the incident to her family. I asked her why. She said her parents wouldn't have believed her and she didn't want to be laughed at by her brothers.

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