She Sensed Something

She Sensed Something

Date: September - 1948

Location: Near Prescott, AZ

Kathryn Brown was in her car when she got the feeling that something was about to happen,

She felt great power and gentleness around her.

She was not afraid, as she no longer could hear the car radio or engine.

And then she saw the familiar lights ahead of the car and fell into what she thought was a deep sleep.

She soon discovered that she had lost 2 hours and felt extremely hungry.

Later she recalled being onboard an object and meeting a human like figure, tall with long brown hair, blue eyes and who spoke English, he seemed to be the captain or leader.

The rest of the crew were shorter than her, with grayish/white skin and wearing what appeared to be space travel suits.

These communicated with the witness by using mental telepathy.

After entering a small passageway she was taken to what appeared to be a command center.

There she was shown a window that had been invisible from outside.

She also saw what appeared to be star maps, dials and abstract drawings.

The tall man and one of the short creatures showed her how to operate the dials.

The floor was very shiny and made her feel light.

Her next memory was of being back in her vehicle.

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