Countries Must Prepare...

Countries Must Prepare...

Countries must prepare for the confirmation that the Earth is being compromised by non human intelligences.

The Ufology World Congress begins in Barcelona in which all the news about the ufological phenomenon are exposed.

More than 50 experts in ufology participate in Barcelona in the V edition of the Ufology World Congress, which this year has considered claiming a paradigm shift so that ufology ceases to be taboo and spread to society, as explained by the director of the congress, Robin Arca.

For 3 days, ufologists will analyze the advances in the declassification of documents and images of the U.S. government on Unidentified Air Phenomena and new discoveries of ufology.

Experts have pointed out that the name UFO has become outdated and the UAP concept is now used.

The Ufology World Congress brings together researchers, scientists and ufologists from around the world to present developments related to the study of the UFO phenomenon.

According to Arca, this year:

Thanks to the studies of the U.S. National Intelligence Directorate on the existence of the UAP, there is a change of belief about ufology and it is already taken more into account in scientific research.

The Ufology World Congress plans to pay tribute to the Catalan artist Robert Llimós, author, among others, of the sculpture of the port of Barcelona Miraestels, for having witnessed a UAP up close and having been one of the first artists to promote the study of UFOs.

Llimós, who participates in the congress, has pointed out the need for congresses dedicated to ufology because it is a discipline that is not endorsed and not promoted by governments and universities.

The International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, a non profit organization, also participates in the congress, which aims to make talks about the existence of UAP present in political debates and at the United Nations.

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