Plane Encounters UFO

Plane Encounters UFO

Date: May 21, 1966

Location: Willow Grove, PA

An 18,000 hour pilot and his passenger made a clear daylight sighting of a disk shaped UFO with a dome on top.

It was as clear as seeing a Cadillac drifting by at 300', said William C. Powell. Currently active in executive transport flying,

Powell was a pilot for the Dutch KLM airlines, and before that for the U.S. Air Force and RCAF.

During a panel discussion on UFOs before an annual meeting of the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington, D.C., Powell described the experience:

Powell was flying a Luscombe at about 4500' near Willow Grove, with a 15 mile visibility. At about 3:15 p.m., after seeing a flight of Navy jets climbing up from Willow Grove Naval Air Station, Powell spotted an object closing in behind the jets. Noting that the object had no protrusions like an aircraft, he watched more closely and saw it make an abrupt 150 to 160 turn and head for his aircraft.

As the UFO passed under his starboard wing, Powell saw that it was a structured object. It seemed to be about 300' distant, and 30' to 40' in diameter. The overall configuration was disk shaped, the base was bright red, and the dome was glistening white.

Powell and his passenger, Miss Muriel McClave, turned quickly as the UFO passed and observed it briefly through the right rear window, then it abruptly vanished.

Powell later called Willow Grove Naval Air Station to report the incident. He had been flying a northwest course, behind the Navy jets. The UFO crossed his windshield from left to right, made the sharp turn across his front, approached head on and passed to his right, disappearing on a southeast course.

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