My Son Possessed

My Son Possessed

Date: Mid Summer - 1987

Location: Birkenhead, England

Back when my son was 2½ - Mid Summer of 1987, he was scratching holes in concrete block walls with his bare fingers, he was only 2½ and had no concept of hand tools of any type. Being unusual, I started taking him to specialists...Doctors and pshychologists.

After his evaluations, it was found that the spirit of another young lad had taken control of his body. The spirit of that youth was one of a young boy who was abused by his Grandparents, he was trying to escape their torture. The boy was chained in the back yard of our home years back. There was a crucifix hidden under our home, I crawled under and removed it.

We had a Priest come to the home to cleanse our home. Needless to say, We moved.


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